Magic Mompox

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Colombia to Mompox owes you the Glory!

In its historical center with the best preserved colonial architecture of the country, with houses of the XVII and XVIII century, six churches (among them a Minor Basilica), cemetery chapels, portals, cloisters, windows, squares, balconies, monuments, museums and Other sites of interest, as well as some republican buildings.
You can not miss the visit to the Church of Santa Barbara, the only one with an octagonal bell tower in all of Latin America. Also extraordinary are the churches of the Immaculate Conception, St. Francis, St. John and St. George and, of course, St. Augustine and its cloister, all of an exceptional serene beauty.
Land of Traditions and ancestral customs that take place at different times of the year, located on the left bank of the Magdalena River on the largest river island in Latin America (Isla Margarita), surrounded by swamps, canals, fauna, flora and fauna. A botanical garden (El Cuchubo) located in the municipal head, all these reasons to be visited.